The Key

If the answer to your freedom, security, problems or confusion was in this case, what would it be for you?  Would it be Jesus?  Reconciliation with someone?  Bringing a loved one back to life? The ability to grieve? Financial freedom? A new car? A cure for depression? Finding your father?  Legal issues?  We're all searching for something, but often on different paths.  How far are you willing to travel and to what depths are you willing to get your solutions?  What's your key to freedom?

This is definitely one of my favorite shoots.  I wanted to capture something dramatic and intense with an exhausting vive.  Follow me. 

Dreamer.  Zealous.  Focused.

Discovery.  Secure.  Baffled.

Regret.  Fear.  Burdened.

Trembling.  Overwhelmed.  Endurance.

Finally.  Freedom.  Forever.

Liz's Story.  My Design.

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